Quest Maintenance takes pride in the quick, reliable and honest electrical service and repair work provided to our retail, industrial, commercial, and residential customers. You will receive Quest Maintenance's dependable electrical service whether we are doing a simple repair or completely replacing your entire electrical service. 


- Light fixture, bulb, and ballast sales - Lighting maintenance and repair - Commercial and industrial exterior and interior lighting and electrical - Energy savings and analysis on lighting and electrical retrofits - LED, Fluorescent, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium - Electrical trouble shooting, repair and installation -Parking lot bulb maintenance and repair - Ground lighting repair and replacement - Lighting control repair and replacement - Sign maintenance repair and cleaning - Neon repair and retrofits to LED - Monthly lighting maintenance programs - Exit signs - Emergency lighting inspection and repair - Security lighting upgrades - Dedicated circuits - Hazardous waste disposal 


-A uniformly lit parking lot creates a safe and inviting image.

- Maintained lighting tells your customers "we care"

- Better lighting sets you apart from the competition.

Quest Maintenance can recommend ways to insure your lighting is operating at peak performance. Let Quest show you how to...

- Maximize output of your current outdoor lighting system. 

- Increase exterior light levels where and if needed. 

- Increase the efficiency of your outdoor lighting system and increase safety for your customers. 

The appearance of your sign is a reflection on your company, unfortunately time and elements can all take its toll. We can provide the expertise to keep the image of your company intact and looking its best.